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Perhaps the mission of an artist is to interpret beauty to people — the beauty within themselves.”

- Langston Hughes, American writer & poet (1902-1967)

Music, theatre, art: “It’s the best way to bring people together,” says Dale Ginsburg, who is leading CHI’s new arts program for our guests who want to explore and express their creative talents through drawing, painting and other artistic media.

Dale had facilitated an arts workshop for homeless teens on Chicago’s Southwest Side. After that program ended, Dale was looking for a new partner to continue the workshop.

It was her son, Steven, who introduced Dale to CHI. Steven is the head of RAM Races, which hosts running events in Chicago and across the country, including the 5K Mag Mile run in Chicago for which CHI was the race’s charity of choice in 2016.

Last year, Dale came to observe one of our meals and proposed starting an arts program for our guests. We happily agreed!

Enlisting the expertise of Chicago artist and educator Zena Sakowski to work one-on-one with our guests, the workshop, which is held for 2 hours preceding our weekly Wednesday meal, has been “a tremendous success and a big hit” with our guests, says Dale, with nearly a dozen people at the table engaged in sketching, painting and stamp making.

She adds: “I’m truly amazed and delighted to work with such talented and creative people!”

Take a look at some of the artwork our guests are creating:

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Did you know?

Over 85% of the people we serve are unemployed.

They help us with food, social services. Nothing but love, that’s how I feel about the Chicago Help Initiative.”