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About The Chicago Help Initiative

We’re putting a stop to hunger by providing meals and access to social service to Chicagoans who are experiencing homelessness, hunger, and economic insecurity. In addition, we are dedicated to connecting our guests to the resources and social services they need to improve the quality of their lives. Each week our volunteers, generous benefactors, and sponsors give their time to assist those who are less fortunate. Please join our efforts by volunteering to be part of the solution and helping today to make a better tomorrow for Chicagoans in need.

Mission Statement

The Chicago Help Initiative (CHI) is a consortium of business, residential, religious, social service, institutional and volunteer leaders striving to promote an atmosphere of dignity and compassion toward those in need by providing access to food, health services, shelter and employment. CHI works to educate local businesses and residents as to how they can help ease the plight of the homeless, disadvantaged and out of work individuals and improve their well-being, self esteem and productivity.

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Did you know?

30% of Chicago’s homeless population suffers from mental illness.

Nobody should go hungry. With the Chicago Help Initiative, you don’t have to.”