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Our Spring 2023 News

Dear Friends,

It’s about the relationships.

Making the human connection is what we do best. From our meals to our group activities to our one-on-one assistance, we provide a dignified and safe setting that allows our guests to feel welcome and at ease, and helps those who are struggling with isolation and alienation create new and positive relationships.

Our relationships with individuals and businesses in our neighborhoods enable us to build the volunteer base we depend on to function, and have allowed us to greatly expand our programs and our reach. Now, with the arrival of thousands of migrants to our city who are seeking basic human services and a caring community, our ability to make those human connections is more important than ever before.

Please read our Spring 2023 newsletter to learn more about our meals and assistance for people in Chicago experiencing homelessness and food insecurity—and how you can help.

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Did you know?


of the people we serve are military service veterans.

Nobody should go hungry. With the Chicago Help Initiative, you don’t have to.”