Mag Mile

Run the Mag Mile 5K/10K on September 8 to help Chicagoans in need and experiencing homelessness. Run with your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers. Run for a better city.

To register for the race, please first fill out and submit the volunteer information below, then register on the formal race site. The link is also below. Please note:  CHI must approve you as part of our group to receive the discount, so PLEASE don’t skip the participation portion so we know who you are!

Ways we'd like to ask you to help:

Now, to run for CHI, PLEASE REGISTER on the RAM site! Using the group code below will assure you the lowest cost registration and connect you to our group. The code below is entered as a coupon at the end of the registration process and the discount applied then.

Registration page:

Group number for the



After the race, please join us and your friends at the CHI area for refreshments and conversation.

Did you know?

Over 85% of the people we serve are unemployed.

Goodness. All-encompassing goodness. In a world filled with so many who have so little, they give so much.”