Vernon Esmond

"When I first entered the smoking program I thought that there would be hollering and they would be making me feel bad about my habit, but it's quite the opposite.  The program is there to remind you that it's up to you to get healthy, but also lend a hand to assist you with patches and gum if you're sincere about quitting.  Plus it helps to be there in the room with other smokers who you can relate to.  One of the best days was when she invited previous folks who were able to quit because of the program.  I was able to look at the previous smokers that came to speak one day, and was inspired by them since they're doing so well and were able to quit.  I have benefited from the smoking cessation group greatly and was able to quit by the third week of her program.  I'd like to give CHI and Carol my personal gratitude and thanks for helping to improve my health."

Wednesday Dinners

Wednesday Dinners

Each Wednesday a nutritious meal is provided to 135 guests at the dining hall facilities made available to us by Catholic Charities, located at 721 N. LaSalle… Read More
Resource Table

Resource Table

Our Resource Table is staffed by both professional case workers and volunteers at every meal. They assist our guests with various needs… Read More
Health Services

Health Services

The Chicago Help Initiative offers the following programs to our program participants: HIV and Hepatitis C Testing The Night Ministry conducts free HIV and Hepatitis… Read More