Rodney Hall

"CHI has a nice laid-back relaxing environment. They welcome you with open arms, and it feels like home here each Wednesday. I also really got a lot of out of Carol's Smoking Cessation program which allowed me to cut back significantly.  Even though I'm still struggling to quit entirely, Carol still reaches out and provides support even though I'm no longer in the program.  She is very patient in the class, and offers a lot of helpful encouragement.  The program could help many others to quit and I do recommend it, not just for the gum and patches she gives out, but for the friendly environment she creates during each session."

CHI Jobs Club

CHI Jobs Club

What is Jobs Club? If you are seeking employment, but have been out of work for a period of time or have issues you think… Read More
Resource Table

Resource Table

Our Resource Table is staffed by both professional case workers and volunteers at every meal. They assist our guests with various needs… Read More
Harmony, Hope and Healing

Harmony, Hope and Healing

Harmony, Hope and Healing (HHH) is an organization which provides creative, therapeutic and educational music programs offering emotional and spiritual support to homeless and underprivileged… Read More