NEWS ALERT: Changes to Our Meal Service and Programs Due to Coronavirus

MARCH 12, 2020 — Due to concerns about the coronavirus, Catholic Charities is immediately suspending sit-down meals in their dining room at 721 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL 60654.

As a result, we will be serving our Wednesday hot meal on a to-go basis. This will entail our volunteers to individually package 130 hot meals in the kitchen at Catholic Charities and distribute them outside the front entrance. We will also provide an additional 70 sack meals for people who don’t receive the hot meal.

FOR OUR GUESTS, we will distribute wristbands on Wednesday at 2 PM at the front entrance on a first-come first-served basis. Meals will be distributed at 4:30 PM.

We are also suspending all CHI classes that have been held before and during the meals.

FOR OUR VOLUNTEERS, should you be willing and able to help with packaging and distributing the meals, please contact Doug Fraser at and we will put you on our volunteer list and keep you informed.

This is the correct decision - even if it’s a difficult one. Many of our guests are older, immune-compromised and beset with underlying medical issues. This is sadder, but it’s safer, and we all need to go with safer. Catholic Charities will reassess the situation in a couple of weeks to determine if and when we might be able to resume our regular sit-down meals.

CHI will continue to meet our responsibility to feed those in need, no matter how we have to do it. Nothing about our mission will change, only the process. Whatever extenuating circumstances we are facing, your continuing support makes our mission possible — to provide food and community to Chicagoans who are experiencing homelessness and hunger.

Please, let us know we can count on your help during the days and weeks ahead. And, do all you can to stay healthy!

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Did you know?

Over 85% of the people we serve are unemployed.

A lot of people don’t have shelter, food, clothing. They need help. And they get it here.”