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CHI’s Holiday Bazaar 2022 Brings the Spirit of Giving to Our Guests

What does it take to get 150 Chicagoans in need into the holiday spirit?

CHI’s 2022 Holiday Bazaar, held on December 7th in the dining room at Catholic Charities was a great success. We are so grateful to all our supporters and volunteers who brought the joy of the season to those who often have few resources or occasion to celebrate. Nearly 100 individuals stepped up and donated nearly 5,000 beautiful and useful items, affordably priced between 5 and 25 cents, that allowed all of our guests to experience a holiday shopping event like no other!

Our volunteers spent hours organizing, sorting and pricing those items, displayed them enticingly on the sales tables, and devoted the afternoon to being “personal shoppers” to help our guests select just the right gifts. We even had a gift-wrapping table to enable our guests to make the perfect gift presentation to their friends and loved ones.

Many thanks to all who made this event possible! Check out more scenes from our Holiday Bazaar.

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Did you know?

30% of Chicago’s homeless population suffers from mental illness.

A lot of people don’t have shelter, food, clothing. They need help. And they get it here.”